To meet the needs of our clients, Studio Aurum offers several services, with a range of options to those who seek excellence in stamping!


Exclusive Design Sale

All collections’ prints are very exclusive; the same print is not sold twice. The initial collection has 500 designs divided in 4 main themes that subdivide in specific trends. The collection is renewed every three months with new prints. The studio develops an average of 200 every month.

Client Briefing

We develop exclusive prints from references and research made by our clients and develop rapport from their images, always aiming the final product.




Direct to Garment Printing

We develop direct to garment printing according to the customer’s needs and even adapt rapport of our designs to be printed in other garments of the product’s mix.

Scanner or Professional Photography

We also develop prints from garments brought by clients, which many times need to be digitized so that the print is developed and finished.



Local Prints

Development of prints directly in the client’s sewing patterns, avoiding fabric loss throughout the garment making.

Color and Color Variation

In our collection prints, color variations can be developed exclusively for clients in their color palette. We use CMYK system for digital prints and Pantone for rotating cylinder printing.



Separação de Canais

Ideal for stamping and weaving that need print in separated channels for engraving cylinders or even coloring for digital printing. This service is provided only with prints developed by Studio or bought from us.

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